Ways To Reduce Dark Underarms

The dark spots or darkness in underarms is a major concern for all of us. This skin discoloration can be due to alcohol based deodorants, poor ventilation, shaving and accumulation of dead skin cells. Also, it might cause due to regular use of hair removing creams, excess sweating and many numerous reasons.

Ways To Reduce Dark Underarms


But wait! Don’t take it lightly as dark armpits can be due to Acanthosis Nigricans which is often known to associate with cancer, hormonal disorders, insulin resistance, certain medication, and obesity.

According to health experts, people usually ignore the darkness of underarms by thinking of less exposed to sun or excess sweating. This might not always be true. There are times that have to take certain measurements to reduce or eliminate the dark skin tone of underarms.

So here are some of the ways that can help reduce the darkness of the skin under your arms.


Cucumber has natural bleaching properties that can help you eliminate dead skin and reduces the dark skin tone.

Home Remedy:

Make a paste from cucumber and lemon juice and turmeric powder and apply on your armpits. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. Repeat every day for better results.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can make an exfoliating scrub that can help rid of dark underarms. This can help in removing one of the major reasons of dark underarms, dead skin cells. This can help in unclog skin pores.

Home Remedy:

Mix baking soda with water and make a thick paste. Apply the paste to your underarms and scrub.  Wash it off and repeat a few times a week.


Potatoes have mild acidic properties that can act as a natural bleaching agent.  This property can help you rid off your dead skin elimination and restore your normal skin complexion.

Home Remedy:

Grate the potato and apply the juice on your armpit and allow the juice to soak into your skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water and repeat this twice a day for better results.


Lemon can work as a natural beaching component, antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Also, it can treat various skin problems which also includes dark underarms. The rich Vitamin C in lemon can take care of overall skin health.

Home Remedy:

Rub lemon wedge to remove your dead skin cells and reduce dark skin complexion from your underarms. Rub for few minutes and leave the juice on the skin for 10m minutes. Wash the area properly. For better results, sprinkle some sugar on the lemon wedge and use it.

Coconut Oil

Coconut can be one of the easiest ways to reduce your dark armpits. This oil contains Vitamin E that can help I lighten your underarms. The coconut can work as natural deodorant that can reduce the bad smell of sweating away.

Home Remedy:

Apply the coconut oil on the armpit and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off and repeat two-three times daily for better results.

Coconut Oil


With these effective ingredients, you can reduce the darkness of your underarms and probably eliminate them. People who desire to have clean, natural and glowing underarms should try these remedies.

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